Inside Out Party Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

After a very quiet month of June from everyone’s favourite winter wonderland virtual world, many including myself were excited to see what the team had been working on for July’s party. We knew it would be a takeover, focusing on the recently released Inside Out film by Disney Pixar. Add to this the inclusion of a popular CP original mascot and a fairly solid storyline and we have what looks, on paper, to be a major party of 2015. So, let’s see how it stacked up..


Poor old Rockhopper had lost his memories, meaning Gary had to once again build a machine (the Minderizer 3000) that would save the day (with our help of course!). How did he lose memories I hear you ask? By eating cursed cheese from a dodgy island, of course! Entering Rockhopper’s mind and completing tasks for each of his emotions (inspired by those from the film) in order to recover his memories is certainly hard work. Or was it? If anything, it seemed a little too easy. But more on that later.


To recover the beloved Captain’s memories, players had to first venture inside Rockhopper’s mind – which was luckily accessible from the Dock (the only decorated room on the island..). Once inside, each of the emotions would provide players with tasks to complete, all of which were remarkably similar – leaving a bad taste of repetition on the beaks of many penguins. The typical ‘go to X room and find X’ applies here. Whilst more challenging than the infamous Frozen party’s tedious snowflake collecting task, finding the different memory ‘orbs’ was easy for most. Once found, players had to then complete an ‘Ice Jam’ style game which again, provided very very little satisfaction in terms of challenging the player’s mind (ha, mind).

Overall, this party had us completing the same tasks for each of the 5 emotions (Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear). As you can expect, this got tiresome. Very quickly. Whilst many may have enjoyed something different from the usual ‘come back tomorrow for another item!’ task, if you will, I personally found it underwhelming. The added dialogue from each of the emotions also seemed slightly cheesy, though I understand why it was done.


Plenty of items inspired by the film. Who’d of guessed? The usual suspects appear here once again. Wigs, dresses, other outfits and a selection of hand items for non-members. Whilst none were particularly bad, none are either memorable either. The only reason anyone will recognise where they came from when searching through a plethora of pages within their inventory will be because of the characters in the film – not the memory of a truly enjoyable party. I realise I’ve said it before, but I dislike wigs and clothes in which make penguin’s appear too human (the uncanny valley, anyone?). Hair on penguins just looks odd..

Personally, I would’ve liked to receive each of the emotions’ hats they were wearing (basically the same as Rockhopper’s but the Puffle had the same expression as that of each emotion). It was a party about Rockhopper, after all. The Captain did of course give us some ‘booty’, a small collection of Member-only items that had all been seen at previous parties. Yay!


Rockhopper, obviously! Well, kind of. Not really? He was sat at the Dock for the duration of the party. Gary did waddle around the island, however. No new backgrounds though.


After last month’s Festival of Snow came without much warning, you’d expect a party as hyped as this one had decorations that even the Halloween parties would envy, right? Wrong! As stated previously, the Dock was the only decorated room on the island. Rockhopper’s mind was another, consisting of 7 decorated rooms (Headquarters, Dream Productions, Food Island, Imaginationland, Loot Island and the Subconscious). Each room sure looked rather pretty, but offered very little in terms of interactivity which is a huge shame. I also found that the Orbs didn’t necessarily fit in with each room. An anger-based orb in Loot Island? Why not Joy? Whyyy?

Little decoration is never fun. Never. The rooms in which are decorated are slightly above average at best, certainly not inspiring or anything too mind-blowing (ha, there it is again).


Here’s a new one I bet none of y’all were expecting. What do I mean? Well, when we got to see memory flashbacks that would correlate to each emotion, one stood out as being almost insulting to us older players. When completing Joy’s task, we are shown Rockhopper first discovering Yarr. However, Rockhopper is wearing his current selection of items – including his pirates jacket in which he didn’t wear back in 2006. Most wouldn’t of noticed this, but I found it annoying.


Okay, so CP had a month off. To produce this?! This seemed like an overblown mini-party as opposed to one that was as overhyped as this was. I personally much preferred last month’s Festival of Snow – featuring island-wide decorations, memorable items and player interactivity (players designed the ice sculptures..). This party seemed a little…rushed. Sure, there was a storyline, but it was too farfetched – a huge statement considering the context of the game. CP also managed to avoid returning the Migrator once again. The build-up notes sent by Rockhopper (available to read via the CP Times weeks before the party started) didn’t do the party any justice either. Sure, it provided context and a seemingly decent storyline, but it turned out to be a huge letdown – at least for me.

Give me an old fashioned Rockhopper visit, featuring Yarr and the Migrator over this any day. Who knows when we’ll next see our favourite penguin pirate. For now however, we turn our attentions to August’s party – the Fashion Festival. Let’s hope it’s not as gender-biased as it sounds.

Now, where’s that cursed cheese? I need to erase a certain film-inspired party from my own memory..

Random CP Fact #46: August 2015’s Penguin Style catalogue is the biggest ever. Featuring a plethora of old and new items, for Members and Non-Members. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Festival of Snow 2015 Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Despite the month of June consisting of no official parties as such, today we had an unexpected update. Rather than CP’s usual Thursday/Wednesday tradition, CP instead updated today; 30th June. Why? Possibly so they could say that June did in fact hold a party (which would prevent this years year book from looking unusually empty). Regardless, despite it being a fairly small-scale event, it hit many spots in which modern parties fail too. Which says a lot, for a game in which is always supposed to be progressing.


For those who remember the original Festival of Snow way back in February 2007 (even that was before my time!), then the 2015 version is pretty much the same bar new artwork. Basically, the idea is that players submit their own artwork and a select few become an actual snow sculpture on the island; including a credit to your penguin’s name and an image of the original artwork. It’s a great artwork and involves the players; but unfortunately only two of these festival of snows have existed throughout the island’s history.

Unlike The Fair and Music Jam however, this years’ Festival of Snow remains virtually identical to the one found in 07 as I’ve stated previously. This means that the originality of 2007 really shines through here, complete with island-wide decor and even free item boxes. Yay!


None! Except waddle around and examine the sculptures, original art work and collect the free items. Ah, the simplicity of the old days.


Both the rare Ice Crown and Snowflake Shirt make their return at this event. First released during the original 2007 version, this makes sense. Whilst it may anger the rarest of penguins (if they’re not already angry due to the poor July clothing and igloo catalogues), many new penguins will be thrilled by these original ice-themed items. Even Jimbobson didn’t own these two original iced gems!


None, but that’s okay because pretty much every event in the old days never had a mascot either, except the odd visit from Rockhopper of course.


Island-wide, simplistic and original. The only issue I would pick out here is the lack of interior room decor, but that never happened during the original so it’d be very very critical to expect it during this year’s version.


When I first heard that CP was doing another festival of snow, I didn’t expect it to be as big as the last one. Even if it was, I didn’t expect island-wide decor and especially didn’t expect items – never mind rare items returning. Overall, I enjoyed this event and that’s something I haven’t said and thoroughly meant it in quite a while. Even the music is a joy to listen to. For those old enough to obtain the items during the original event, you may want to calm your rage by looking forward to next month’s party: An Inside Out Takeover! Including Rockhopper! This should be a good one….

Random CP Fact #46: The Ice Crown was first released in February 2007 and hasn’t returned since..until now. The Snowflake T-Shirt however was released in both the Series 2 & 5 Treasure Books.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

The Fair 2015 Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Now we turn our focus to May’s flagship party; The Fair. Whilst certainly not a new, never-before-seen party, it incorporates most of the elements of 2014’s version but with a few added extras.


Being the 8th Fair, most users will have had experience of at least one of these events before. Formerly known as the Fall Fair, these events began way back in 2007 and always occurred within the Autumn months (or Fall for all our American/Canadian friends). Of course, CP being the noble citizens that they are, realised that it is not Autumn/Fall for everyone at the same time of the year, so simply renamed it to The Fair.

2014 is where things changed. This was the biggest change since The Fair since the introduction of the series. The Amazement Park taking place off the island and the whole dusk setting was a large change from what many were used to. Anyway, enough of the history.

This years, being very similar to last years, incorporated some extras in which made the party much more enjoyable for everyone. The Daily Spin returned, featuring the same items as last year. For those who already have them, only silver tickets, standard tickets and coins will appear. For those who don’t, you have another chance to obtain them. There was also a new Medieval area which includes a new game entitled Medieval Monsters. Pretty fun, incorporating the usual ‘throw snowballs at target to win’ method.

Oh, and the Super Hero Bounce game returned (from the Marvel Superhero Takeover in 2013), including the ability to earn the Superhero Hoodie upon completion of the game. Some minor extras, but ones that certainly enhance the party in my opinion.


As with all Fairs, the aim is to receive enough tickets via playing mini-games in order to redeem them for items. 2014’s version frustrated many players as the pricing of items was simply too high. This year however, the team has listened and reduced the pricing (quite considerably). Added to the fact that there are more games and thus more variety in terms of earning tickets, this party improves on last year’s efforts in a plethora of ways.


Unfortunately, this was one area this year’s attempt failed to match last years. As usual, there were items for Members and items for everyone. The items for members consisted of stuffed monkeys and starfish costumes. Non-members however, were treated to a selection of head, face and hand items. From wigs to pixel glasses, The Fair 2015 had it all. The Bell from the previous Coins for Change campaigns also made an unexpected return. Whilst the variety was certainly better than say, the Rainbow Puffle Party, I would’ve liked to seen more brand new items and less recoloured versions. And of course, some body items for everyone wouldn’t go amiss.


Two mascots and a not-so-live performance from the Penguin Band ensured that May wouldn’t be a mascot-less month. Rookie is well known for his attendance during the fairs, but I still miss Rockhopper’s visits (the first Fall Fair was actually created by Rockhopper). Nevertheless, it’s better than nothing. No new backgrounds, though.


Pretty much the same as last year. The island itself wasn’t decorated with anything other than a dusk sky which certainly adds some atmosphere to the island. If anything, it makes us desire the day/night feature even more so. Like last years, the off-island Amazement Park is where all the action took place. With several different themed parks to visit, including the new Medieval party-inspired ‘Ye Olde Castle’, there was elements from a few parties we’ve seen in the past. Not too shabby! But some on-island decor would’ve been effective, no matter how simplistic.


2015’s version of The Fair simply took last years version and fixed its’ major flaws. Sure, there were glitches, some of which were quite major (i.e fair mini-games not yielding tickets), and the duration of parties is still far too long (20th May – 10th June after extension?!), but it still wasn’t an awful party. Member’s only transformations was a little unnecessary and not something I enjoy to begin with, but I suppose they add a little more role-playing opportunities. Regardless, let us look forward to June (even though we’re almost half-way through already), which promises some EPF-related stuff and some even suspect the return of the Sports Shop…

Random CP Fact #45: Despite the Penguin Band’s numerous performances over the years, their first official appearance as mascots was during the Music Jam 2008 – each sporting their old country-themed design.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Rainbow Puffle Party Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

May marked a very interesting month on Club Penguin as, for the first time, two different parties would take place on the island – one on desktop, and one on the CP mobile app. The desktop version got treated to The Fair whilst those with the mobile app had a chance to explore a new Rainbow Puffle Party. As the title so blatantly suggests, this post will cover the latter. Let’s begin!


I’m pretty sure everyone who plays the game and knew about May’s events knew all along that the Rainbow Puffle Party would be more of a mini-party themed event. Small scale decorations with a few items and of course, the opportunity to adopt an elusive Rainbow Puffle for free (for Non-Members this was a pretty decent offer). It wasn’t anywhere near as large as any of the previous Puffle Parties and ended up living in The Fair’s shadows for the month’s main event. Still, it was nice to have one of those old-CP-style parties that are such a rarity nowadays (with the exception of the infrequent mini-parties of course). Regardless, this was a pretty decent party considering the simplicity and overall atmospheric element of the event. However, this was a somewhat big reminder of how much the game has changed over the years..


Come back everyday to receive a new item! Great, we’ve all seen this before. Whilst not as satisfying as the free item boxes, it does the job. However, the sheer fact that this was on the mobile app was perhaps the party’s biggest downfall. Glitches plagued the event for many users, so much so that the party has been extended until June 17th. Personally, I had experienced some of the major ones, including not being able to receive any item upon logging in. To make it worse, the free item interface wasn’t available at any other time except when logging in. No button in the top right corner or anything – even better!

Would I prefer to have unplayable quests or simply the ‘come back everyday to receive a new item’ feature? Certainly the latter on mobile. Too glitchy for anything else.


This is where I found the party to be at its’ weakest. Items were slightly dull and uninspired. Members got the better deal as usual. Non-Members were treated to a selection of rainbow-themed head items and ‘The Thundercloud’ which in all honesty is one of the better items I’ve seen as of late. Regardless, I’d prefer to see more variety of items – not just head items that are re-coloured versions of those released previously.

Oh, and don’t forget the free Rainbow Puffle. Was it an item? Not necessarily. But still. Oh, and the team didn’t extend the maximum amount of Puffles a Non-Member could have, so if you already had 1 Blue and 1 Red Puffle, you’d have to let one go to make room for a Rainbow! Ah, Club Penguin. You sure give us some hard life choices sometimes.


Haha, mascots on mobile? Probably for the best.


Simplistic yet effective. Plenty of clouds, rainbows and the like. In fact, the Town, Snow Forts and Plaza all showed the island below – indicating that this party took place in the clouds. It was a nice reminder of the Festival of Flight way back in August 2009. Whilst the rooms in which were decorated were minimal, and the lack of interior decorations was evident yet again – they were certainly sufficient for the party in question. A fine tribute to the most colourful of the island’s beloved fluffball pets.


Overall the Rainbow Puffle Party was a small-scale event in which proved to be successful (obviously due to it being extended it was a fairly (no pun intended) popular event. I’d be happy to see CP keep up this trend, but the app itself needs way more attention if CP hopes to use this platform for more complex parties. Fix the app, bring the long-awaited CPNext technology to the web – all is well. But until then..

Random CP Fact #44: Propeller Caps were once very popular items on the island. Released at almost every April Fools party, they came in several different colours; with one released per party. Now, there are a total of 4 colours; green, purple, red and blue. When dancing with this item alone (and/or the Jet Pack), your penguin will hover slightly.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Frozen Fever Party Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, my offline life got the better of me once again. Regardless, here’s the Frozen Fever critical review – almost a month after it occurred! Superb timing.


Those who attended the first Frozen party last year felt a powerful sense of deja vu upon exploring CP’s latest party efforts. Why? It was pretty much exactly the same as the first – bar a plethora of pins, a couple of rooms and a few new items. Overall, it felt completely unnecessary. At least the second Marvel Avengers takeover gave us something different from the first. Ultimately, it felt stale and stands as one of the weakest – if not the weakest parties of the year. Personally, this party would’ve been half-decent if this was the first time we were forced to endure another Disney-inspired event. Instead, it failed in more areas than it succeeded. Repetition, repetition, repetition.


Those who hated finding oversized snowflakes last year were sure to hate this years even more. Amazingly, the team reduced the size of the snowflakes. Great, right? Wrong. They were still far too large and provided about as much of a challenge as logging in over the past month has (connection issues have plagued the game recently). There were also a large amount of pins to collect for some reason, but more on that later.


There was once a time when a party contained (typically) 1-3 items. Whilst this sounds lacklustre compared to today’s standards, these items were often very inspiring. Whether clever renditions of real-life items or completely organic designs; these items contained thought and many even included special dances which is an unfortunate rarity nowadays. Regardless, none of this was present within April’s wintery party..

Featuring the exact same items as the first version of a party isn’t uncommon, but there’s usually at least more stuff to do or something unique to that version. Non-members were graced with the exact same selection as last time, bar the pins and a new igloo that was so heavily gender-specific I’m unsure why there wasn’t two of them. Members got a couple of new stuff to play with; all of which were of course inspired by the 7-minute short that inspired the party.

Like last time, Members could adopt the elusive Ola..sorry, Snowman Puffle. Non-members couldn’t, so there was little progress in that respect. Transformations returned also, giving those with little imagination even more reason to play. As for those pins I wrote about previously – there was far too many. 10. 10 pins. Within 2 rooms. 5 per room. All so painfully easy to find. Pointless comes to mind. Just when we thought CP were restoring the once greatness of the ever-growing playercard decorations.


None. Again.


Surprisingly this wasn’t one of my favourite parties of all time. Since its’ announcement few were excited about it and who could blame them? The lack of a plot strikes again and suggests CP simply needed a bit more money and more time to work on other stuff (such as maybe Project Super Secret if that still exists). The same items (bar a few new ones), the same Elsa palace appearance, the same decorations, the same transformations…you get the idea.

Before anybody claims this, yes I do realise Screenhog stated on Twitter how this is what CP should be doing (recycling old parties). However, if CP has any hope of bringing the game back to at least half of its’ former glory, this isn’t the way to do it. It seems like a defeatist approach – but I’m sure this is an overreaction and new content is on the horizon.

Moving Forward..

In 2 days something very interesting happens. CP hosts 2 completely different parties on its’ desktop and mobile platforms. This ensures that the desktop versions’ parties aren’t hindered by the app’s lack of functionality. A very smart move from CP. What are those parties, you ask? The desktop will see the return of The Fair whereas the mobile app will see a Rainbow Puffle celebration event. Though we don’t know too much, we can confirm that The Fair 2015 will be an evolution of 2014’s attempts, rather than the classic 2007/etc offerings. The team also confirmed that my dreaded nemesis ‘The Daily Spin’ will be making an un-welcome return.

In terms of the Rainbow Puffle event, non-members will be available to adopt one of the multicoloured-fluffball for this party. Equality for all!

Random CP Fact #43: The Golden Goggles are a new item released to the game. To own them, player’s must have the highest score out of all their friends (at the end of that respective week) on the Sled Racer mobile app (for iOS and Android). 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

(Late) Puffle Party 2015 Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently; coursework reached it’s peak which gave me little time to do much else. Anyways, this post will focus on last month’s Puffle Party – a highly anticipated event in which combined everyone’s favourite yet overused fluffy creatures with the mystery of the Sasquatch. Let’s begin!


Despite it’s name, the Puffle Party 2015 wasn’t fully focused around Puffles. Sure, they were the core element of the party – but not the only element. This time, the transformation of the Ski Lodge to the Puffle Lodge was a key to the party’s plot. The party ultimately focused around the mystery of the wilds and more specifically, what or rather who had stolen the giant fish celebration cake. Of course, the Sasquatch turned out to be the culprit. With a short but sweet backstory, we learned that the Sasquatch actually lives with Puffles within the wilderness. However, much was lacking in terms of his origin.

How did he get the oversized Beta Hat? Apparently a penguin wearing a green jacket gave it to him long ago. I suspect this mystery penguin was Billybob – a penguin famous for his Green Letterman Jacket. Where has he been all this time? The wilderness of course! It’s a little fishy but it’s better than nothing I guess. With that being said, who lives in that mountain cave that can be seen from Ski Hill? Hmm..


This party had a pretty unique quest – explore and collect things. Sure, it was simple and took only a few minutes – but it was new! No snowflakes, no snowballs, just simple exploration. Hunt for berries to attract rare Puffle Creatures and then retrieve a Fishing Rod from the Puffle Lodge to fish and catch Sasquatch a meal, fun times indeed. A little more depth and complexity and this would’ve been an awesome quest indeed. Still, one cannot complain when comparing to the previous tasks we’ve been asked to endure for a uninspired item.


Everyone loves items. They complete us. This party gave us a fair selection; mostly Puffle inspired (obviously). Whilst Members enjoyed a plethora of hoodies and a Puffle Guide uniform, Non-Members were graced with a selection of Hats. The only issue here was that 4/5 of these were the same baseball caps simply re-designed for each new Puffle Creature – of which only Members could adopt. I’m sure many were satisfied, but it all seemed underwhelming in my opinion. I hope the days of body items, whacky costumes and leis return. And preferably soon.


Unlike many, many parties of late; the Puffle Party 2015 had a very nice selection of decorated rooms. The only issue being that all were recycled from the previous year – bar the Puffle Lodge and new Wild rooms. This isn’t a major issue however, I’d certainly prefer recycled rooms to no decorated rooms at all. A step in the right direction!


PH of course! Plus a new background!! Not only this, but Sasquatch officially became recognised as a mascot! What a time to be alive.


Whilst not even coming close to the ‘best party ever award in Jim’s opinion’, I don’t think anybody expected it to. CP showed us that they can still come up with interactive parties that engage and reward the players; whilst not completely ruining them via too many sneak peeks weeks before the party. Sure, it was lacking in several areas but when compared to recent parties, it certainly stands out as one of the better efforts. I enjoyed this party. Not as much as Operation Blackout or the Card Jitsu Snow event, but enjoyed it nevertheless. In fact, the slight disappointment only began to settle in once I realised 90% of the rooms were recycled. I imagine new players would’ve enjoyed it a lot – and who can blame them!

As the Frozen Fever Party is currently ongoing, expect a critical review of that next week sometime. But for now, we look forward to May, which promises to contain 2 different parties; one exclusive to the app (Rainbow Puffle celebration) and one exclusive to desktop (The Fair). Let’s hope both hold their own as contender’s for best party of 2015 thus far!

Random CP Fact #42: Due to the lack of Membership sales and the games’ recent ‘poor performance’ financially, many CP employees were recently laid off. This also included the complete closure of the CP office in Brighton, England.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

What is wrong with Club Penguin?

Greetings Penguins!

Lately, many players including myself have been expressing our concerns and worries regarding the current state of the game. Whether raging over unfixed bugs or complaining about less-than-satisfactory parties, it is agreed amongst most players (veterans in particular) that the overall quality of the game has gone downhill; particularly over the last couple of years. But why is this? In this post I’ll express some of my own complaints, as if they weren’t already obvious within the monthly critical reviews.

Technology Limbo

Club Penguin is currently in what seems to be a state of confusion. Firstly there’s the desktop version of the site in which is the main focus; including all rooms and features the game has to offer. The mobile app however is still lacking in certain areas. This means that parties and quests must be suitable for both platforms – something in which is not only a difficult process, but also a time-consuming one. The team have to make two versions of pretty much everything, simply to enable both platforms to work in unison. Or rather, as close to as possible.

The solution to this of course appears to be CP Next. Or at least that’s what we think. We don’t hear much about it anymore; something of which has many pondering when we will see a release date for this new tech. Even if it’s not quite ready yet (which I’m sure it’s nowhere near), some updates by Spike Hike or other members of the team are required. Until then, expect small-scale parties with the same-old type of quests.

Bugs & Private Servers

I’m not going to focus on this section to much as its’ fairly self-explanatory.

Every game has bugs – especially with a game as big as CP. The only issue is many aren’t resolved, despite how many emails are received highlighting them. This quests whether our feedback is answered at all – but more on that later.

Private servers are, as the name suggests, servers in which are uploaded online by fans in which try to create a custom version of our beloved game – often including free membership and other perks. Using old CP .swf files, some code and a database to create such things is of course against CP’s rules.

Whilst private servers have been online for a fair few years now, they have rose in popularity recently because they ironically offer more than the game does in its’ current state. Those who want free membership, less-strict chat filters and to experience ‘Old CP’ will likely try these unofficial versions of the island and quickly make friends (due to the chat filter – again more on that later). Some private servers even allow swearing and other adult language; attracting the more mature audience.

I’ll admit I’ve tried a few during my time – but who hasn’t? Being curious of all-things Club Penguin leads one to want to experiment with other adaptations. Would I ever create one though? No, I’d prefer to create my own virtual world. Ultimately, these private servers need to either be taken down faster by Disney or else players will begin to look for something new – and what better than to play a game you already know better than your Great Aunt (but with a twist of course). Weird example, but you get the idea.

The “Did that show?” Problem

Likely the most asked question on the island ever. Where’s the new pin? Where did you find that? Wanna be friends? All popular phrases. But amongst those actually wanting to have a non-safe-chat conversation, this is a very very common question. Simply put, the chat filter is extremely strict. Of course, it has to be. During the 2005-2008 era, players found creative ways to talk inappropriate or even share their personal phone number (2005-2007 only, when numbers were allowed). This meant that more strict filters had to be put in place.

The negative side? Nothing shows. Well, not nothing – but very few things. Even common terms can find themselves unable to bypass the filter. It’s like one of those antiviruses in which blocks everything you download. Only you can’t turn it off..

For a game in which was built to enable a safe chatting environment for kids, it works well. But also not so well, as the kids cannot chat properly. It’s a broken feature in which has haunted the island for several years. Sure, the chat prediction and safe chat can be seen as a way through this, but it is extremely limiting to the social experience of the game.

What do I think should be done? Well, I’d firstly like a ‘chat filter strictness’ feature in which parents (and older players) can control to suit their needs. Standard chat and Safe chat is the same principle, only simplified. Strict would be as currently is, whilst Not-so-strict could be more like 2007. There could even be an anything-goes option, in which allows pretty much anything (except the obvious like swearing, sexual and drug related words/sentences). Sure, the island would be fairly fragmented, but each player could have an indicator on the player card showing which strictness they chose – to avoid this annoying question being asked so much.

But how do we remove this question ENTIRELY?! Simple-ish! (Simple to explain, maybe not so simple for the team). The Moderators can see what every player says – even what doesn’t bypass the filter (they see it as a faded out bubble). CP could implement something similar for players. Once something is typed and sent, said text bubble could be faded – or even include an icon like a ‘!’ indicating that said message did not bypass the filter. Simple, but effective.

Small-Scale Parties & Giant Pins

It’s no surprise that the recent subpar parties and the growth of the fortnightly hidden pins makes this list. Parties are what encourages the player to continuously log in every month, and has been the same since 2005. We know why the parties are getting smaller, as the team has too much work to do in other areas. The game has far too many features and far too many of said features are being ignored. Stamps, old room designs still existing, the EPF, mascots? All of which contribute to an uneven game in which is becoming more fragmented month by month.

The worst part is, CP has openly criticised the amount of rooms in the game. Due to the plethora of rooms, penguins are spread out over the island, rather than in a community. This not only hurts the social aspect of the game, but also the discovery of pins and items – thus why most parties take place over a few rooms, particularly the most popular ones. The only issue is, CP keeps adding MORE rooms. What?!

As for pins, they’re getting huge. Nobody wants them so huge. But they’re still huge. That’s pretty much it, and brings me to my next point.

Finance over Feedback

One thing Rsnail stated was a pivotal thought when creating the game was that feedback was necessary – designing without feedback is “dangerous” as he quotes. This is true, though was more so when he was creating said game. Still, CP prides itself by claiming that feedback is always received and listened to, i.e “passed onto the team”. For example, the Frozen Party was requested by many. Same with the Teen Beach Movie, everyone wanted that to happen, right? Wrong.

The thing is, if an idea has any financial potential – they will consider it. When a few players want a particular takeover, Spike Hike or Polo Field will openly say that “if that’s what the community wants, we’ll do it!”. Yet when mentions of a more traditional approach to the next party – such as a history event for example, neither CP iconic staff members are anywhere to be seen. Spike says that nostalgic ideas aren’t the way to go – but why not? If that’s what players want – surely they should at least consider it?

We ask for less Puffles – they give us more.

We ask for smaller pins – they get bigger.

We ask for island-wide parties – they get smaller.

We ask for parties that include a plot, and more focus on the EPF – Get neither.

Many, many veteran players want a tribute to old CP – get nothing (I don’t count the new ‘Mystery Attic’ as a tribute).

Players ask for no more takeovers – several per year.

Some players ask for a Frozen party – sure!

See a trend here? I realise CP is a business and needs money. But ignoring feedback is going to damage the game more so than a loss in profit. However, this is of course Disney we’re talking about.

What can be done?

Whilst I’m not the CEO of CP and highly doubt I ever will be; I have my own ideas and opinions. Whilst I do try to make my posts fairly objective at times – they’re still mostly subjective. Here’s the key areas I want to see fixed, not necessarily in order:

New Technology – CP Next is needed ASAP. It should also bring the desktop site and mobile app together as one, finally.

Better Chat System – Everyone agrees!

Feedback being listened to – Evidence of this would be fantastic.

Bigger Parties – Even if they happened every few months, with mini-parties filling the respective gaps.

Difficulty – Quests, Pins etc should be a little harder. Even the youngest of players can throw snowballs or click on a giant pin. It’s not difficult and takes away the “can you help me?” aspect of the game. It’s a game based around helping each other and being a community. 

So how is all this achieved? I’d personally like to see CP take a few months break. Forget major parties and Puffles and all that. Throw small-scale events whilst a second Club Penguin Improvement Project (CPIP) takes place. Maybe it takes place on the actual site or even a separate one like the original CPIP did. The team needs time to fix the game, and the “party monster” needs too much feeding according to Spike.

A plot could even be incorporated. Maybe a giant blizzard covers the island and we are forced to ‘rebuild’ from the ground up – much like the team would be behind the scenes. Okay, I’m getting carried away a bit here. Regardless, I hope the team does what needs to be done – and sooner rather than later. Here’s to the rest of 2015!

Random CP Fact #41: The Club Penguin Improvement Project (CPIP) was simply the testing of several features on a separate site to the original CP, before said features were fit for official release. It occurred in 2008 and hasn’t occurred since.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

SoundStudio Party Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

When SoundStudio first came to the island last year to replace the rather dull DJ3K, many enjoyed creating and showcasing their music within the Dance Club. As with any game, interest quickly died down. With the announcement that the music-making mini-game would be having its’ own dedicated mobile app, interest had once again increased. As if that wasn’t enough, CP announced they would be throwing a SoundStudio party to celebrate the upcoming app. But, was it a platinum party or a Music Jam 2014 mark two? Let’s begin..


As this was a brand new party – and not a takeover at that, few could guess exactly what the party would entail. Sure, there would be plenty of music and DJ Cadence would be the mascot in focus as expected; but other than that little else was known regarding the actual content. Upon the parties’ release, it quickly became obvious that it was not what we were expecting. Simply put, it was the Music Jam 2014 part 2. Some argue that it wasn’t as bad, whilst others claim the glitches and lack of the Penguin Band ensured the party was nothing but a poor advert for the new app. Personally, I have to go with the latter.

I admit I was excited for this party as I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be an island-wide party that has different genres of music assigned to each room like we saw in the Music Jam’s of the past? Nope. In all honesty it felt more like an oversized mini-party. Ultimately, I found it to be joint 1st for worst music-themed party thus far. Sure, it wasn’t the worst party ever – but it certainly carries on from 2014’s less-than-satisfactory standards.


Activities, or quests as they’re often dubbed, are often repetitive and so simple even the youngest of players can figure it out within seconds. The same applies here. Players must simply perform on stage by clicking a different musical instrument in a sequence that was clearly displayed on-screen. Simply put, it was very easy. I preferred the quests found during the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, so in this respect the SoundStudio party comes in last in terms of quests in 2015. Albeit there are only two contenders..

The main culprit here is of course the mobile app, which has become a giant hinderance and is forcing CP to ‘dumb-down’ their web counterpart. Can you imagine a party such as Operation: Blackout occurring on the mobile app? I think not. Something needs to be done, such as releasing the highly anticipated CP Next technology.


At last! Variety! Non-members finally get items that are not simply tiny hand items. Okay, maybe 1 was. But the introduction of 2 head items and 1 face item ensured that there was at least some variety items wise. Like we all expect though, the best items are reserved for Members. I would’ve liked to see more instruments given away. Sure, there have been numerous instruments released over the years, but simply placing a “SoundStudio Party 2015” logo somewhere on said instrument would ensure more interesting, unique items. Maybe they could even be re-coloured using colours used throughout the party? Maybe I should work for CP’s design team?


This party had everything wrong with 2014 in terms of decorations. Lack of decorated rooms? Check. Little to no interior decorations? Check. Recycled rooms from previous parties? You get the idea. Where CP really made me laugh was the night sky. You all know what I mean, that ridiculous transition between night and day visible at the Dock. Most of the sky is daylight then suddenly goes dark…it looks insane. I would love to meet the creative genius whom came up with that. Whether it was supposed to look interesting or unique or clever or something, I’m not sure. It simply screams laziness to me. Imagine if they did this during the Halloween party?

One area of interest however was how the Coffee Shop interior was slightly decorated. I say slightly, it was nothing major, nor did it compare to how it was formerly decorated during the first few Music Jams. Regardless, it’s a nice touch. As for the neon lights CP insists on using at every music or Hollywood themed event, I’m not the biggest fan. I’ve only really liked this concept done once, during the Member’s only Dance-A-Thon back in 2009. Wait, what? That was in 2009? Oh wow, I’m old.


What mascots? Moving on..

Okay, okay. This is the second month in a row that there have been no in-game meetable mascots at a party. Last month missed out on re-introducing Darth Herbert, whilst this party missed out on using Cadence and the Penguin Band in particular, to enhance this party. What next, this month’s Puffle Party without PH?

Bugs & Glitches

Surprisingly, despite the parties relatively small-scale structure and lack of mascots or anything overly technical, bugs and glitches haunted the party from day one. Pop-ups didn’t occur, which included the item pop-up which appears after a task is completed. A very poor attempt for a party in which is supposed to be advertising another product.


That last sentence pretty much summed this party up. A very poor attempt for a party in which is supposed to be advertising another product. I found myself only logging in to get the items, had a look at each room which didn’t take long. Again, a party to forget more so than to remember. I will look back at this in October when (or rather, if) the next yearbook is released. Will I miss it and hope for its’ return in 2016? No. Unless the remainder of this year is so awful that this remains one of the better parties this year.

Now we look forward to the party in which begins soon – the Puffle Party 2015 of course! If there ever was a party that needed a refresh, it would be the Puffle Party. An annual event since 2009, it first began as a way to celebrate our beloved pets and to introduce a brand new colour. This year, it seems the Ski Lodge will be getting a modern re-design, whilst the Lodge Attic may be in for something even more interesting. Rumours suggest the renovation will incorporate historic relics of the island’s past. If done correctly, this could be an awesome idea. I look forward to it! (Though please CP, keep that tiny window in which is re-coloured for each party that doesn’t take place during the blue-sky-daytime).

Random CP Fact #41: Despite this years’ Puffle Party being the 7th of its’ name, it is only the third to occur in March, with the first being the 2012 version and the second being the 2013 version.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Pins – Does size matter?

Greetings Penguins!

Forget the SoundStudio party for a while and instead feast your mind on another popular topic within the community – pins. Collectable items released every 2 weeks in a random room situated on the island. Once a pin has lived its’ 2 week lifetime, it is retired for good and will never return again. You all know this I’m sure, as pins have been around since March 2006 and continue to be released fortnightly to this day. Despite pins serving the same purpose as they did upon their release 9 years ago, one thing about them has changed, much to the dismay of many penguins.

Big Pins come in Small Packages

Pins began as very small collectables that would be based off of a random object. The first, released in March 2006 was the Shamrock – now known as the rarest pin ever. Hidden in the Coffee Shop, it was certainly no easy task to find. The size of such meant that even the more experienced players failed to hunt it down (increasing its’ rarity even further). The challenge of finding these small, rare and highly collectable objects was ultimately enjoyable. 2 weeks is plenty of time to find even the hardest of pins, and even then penguins were encouraged to work together if they struggled to discover which room possessed the random collectable. As CP was much more basic throughout its’ youth, pins were cleverly hidden and designed in such a way that they would often blend in with their backgrounds.

In rarer cases, pins required clicking on in order to be revealed. The Surfboard Pin (released June 2007 during the Summer Kick Off Party) could be found at the Beacon. However, it was partially hidden by leaves, and thus hovering your cursor over the it would cause it to fall on the floor, enabling player’s to then pick it up. This interactivity represents what pins should be – rare and hard to find.

Supersize Me!

As 2009 progressed, pins became noticeably bigger. Coincidentally, this was also the first year when Screenhog stopped making pins – and we all know how much he loves puzzles and challenges. Previously, pins were around half the size of the player’s avatar (about the same size as a Puffle when walking). As 2009 came to a close and CP celebrated a yet another successful year, pins had actually become bigger than the penguins themselves. This is a rather large difference considering the short time period. The result of course meant that pins were much easier to find. If you entered the room in which one was hidden, it would instantly be obvious. Even those pins that were given away via other means (Scavenger hunt and party rewards etc) appeared large on the player card.

This dramatic growth increase, combined with the pins often being hidden in incredibly obvious places, means that few are happy with the current state of the island’s favourite fortnightly collectables. It’s fairly obvious that CP changed the size of the pins as players – particularly those whom are younger – found the smaller pins simply too challenging to find. The counter-argument to this would be that penguins can, and are often advised to work together in order to find them.

So, does size matter?

The size of pins will never be the reason for someone to quit the game – leave that to the lacklustre parties and dull items. It does however ruin the fun in finding them. Pin’s need to be more challenging to find otherwise their existence seems slightly pointless. When first created, they were supposed to be challenging to find and CP made a big deal about releasing them. Now they seem like a chore that has only survived thus far due to tradition. I don’t expect pins to be fully retired anytime soon, if ever.

But do we really expect the pins to change at all? Player’s feedback doesn’t seem to play a pivotal role in the game anymore, with the likes of an Old CP party, smaller pins and island-wide parties remaining firmly in the player’s minds. Nevertheless, we can always hope that the challenging aspect will someday return to the island. Harder activities, smaller pins, difficult missions. Here’s to the rest of 2015! (SoundStudio Party critical review coming soon, stay tuned!)

Random CP Fact #40: There are currently 303 pins total; including party-exclusive, unlockable and Members-only pins. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson

Waddle Around And Meet New Friends!

Greetings Penguins!

Ah CP’s tagline. Whilst much of our beloved island has changed over the years, it has always remained the same. Until now that is. This week, the tagline was changed – something in which wasn’t mentioned officially or even acknowledged by any of the CP team. It was of course up to us players to discover this for ourselves. So, what is the new one you ask? Surely it incorporates waddling…or penguins…or even Puffles…friends? No.

Disney’s #1 Virtual World for Kids

Yes, that is genuinely the new tagline. Whilst not necessarily a game changer, it has a significant factor upon the future direction of the game. CP has always prided itself on originality – something in which has decreased somewhat in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, much of what CP does today has at least a decent amount of originality, but the incorporation of sponsored parties and characters that are blatantly heavily based off of real or fictional characters whom already exist (Merry Walrus, anyone?) doesn’t quite have the originality factor that Herbert P Bear and the PSA possessed.

Waddle around and meet new friends was something in which was unique to CP. No other virtual world could’ve had the same one due to the game being focused around penguins. Other virtual worlds had foxes, bin creatures and other animals, but none were penguins. The tagline defined the objective of the game – to explore and make friends. The new one is the exact opposite. It’s unoriginal and tells the viewer nothing about the website. It’s a simple marketing gimmick in which emphasises Disney’s greed as a company. Do they genuinely believe more players will sign up due to it being Disney’s #1 virtual world – for kids – which they didn’t create nor care about for anything other than money generating?

The problem with Disney..

Disney was formerly a great company. Walt Disney produced original and inspiring animations in which entertained generations of people – and still continues to do so today, and stands tall amongst the more visually-appealing 3D animations Pixar and Dreamworks are creating. Why? Originality. Sure, modern animations like Frozen are original and thus exceptionally popular, but Disney maintains that quality standard of storytelling which didn’t require spectacular visual effects in order to grab its’ audience.

Disney in modern day is what you’d expect of any business – to obtain as much money as possible. Thus, they buy a ridiculous amount of companies, some of which aren’t necessarily related to their past work. Disney’s purchase of Marvel still seems odd, but let’s not go too off-topic here. Disney’s purchase of Club Penguin was due to its’ incredible success during its’ youth. Disney saw an opportunity and seized it; possibly knowing other companies such as Sony were interested. Did it benefit CP? Sure, it gave them the funding they needed to survive, but the cost of working with Disney isn’t always positive. A quote from Billybob (after Disney purchased CP) stated that not much would change regarding the game, unless it was for the better. This was poor wording as it seems he was already making excuses. Nothing will change unless for the better? Translates to praise our decision and Disney regardless of the outcome. Anyway, that’s enough Disney-hating for now (not that I hate Disney of course).

The problem with CP and Disney..

With Disney owning CP, the cyber winter wonderland has the opportunity to incorporate Disney-owned characters into their game – whether a penguin-esque version or not. CP has this right. It’s safe to say they’ve taken advantage of this due to the amount of sponsored parties over the recent years. These parties generate a lot of income and website traffic for CP, so don’t expect them anytime soon. The major issue however is that many players don’t want sponsored parties – and CP knows it.

The team claim they listen to feedback, and this was certainly true as the game was still new. Recently, CP listens to whichever ideas will be most beneficial to them financially. An ‘Old CP’ style party has been wanted by so many for several years. Whether its’ based like a history museum or a virtual reality system, that doesn’t matter. Players simply want to re-visit their past and in some cases, their childhood. It would even be worth it for new players to learn about the history of the game. Instead, we see Teen Beach Movie and Shake it Up based parties finding themselves on the island. Are they honestly trying to say more fans requested a Teen Beach Movie party than an Old CP party? I think not.

Listening to feedback is crucial. It always has been and always will be. If not listened to properly, your product and/or company will suffer the consequences. CP is lucky as they have Disney to fund any issues. If CP was still owned by New Horizons Interactive, the decline in website traffic over the years would’ve surely damaged the company – badly.

The problem with the tagline..

Unoriginal. Uninspiring. Boring. Marketing gimmick. I’m sure what exactly it’s trying to prove. Disney don’t actually own any other virtual worlds, not since the death of ToonTown. There’s also the “for kids” part, they don’t own any other virtual worlds for kids, teens, adults, anything. Why state such an odd fact? It’s like me saying “, Jim’s #1 website” when it’s the only one I continuously update.

Why not incorporate something unique about CP? Is the fact that it’s owned by Disney enough reason for the tagline to include such a fact? “The #1 virtual world for kids” would’ve been much better – but of course that’s a high statement for a game in which doesn’t quite compare against how it was 7 years ago. Disney appears to be similar to a dictator. They insist on everything CP to state “Disney”. Everyone knows Disney owns CP – it’s blatantly obvious from the logo. But having to state it in the tagline again appears like a cheap marketing gimmick that is unlikely to bring that many, if any, new players.

First there was the sponsored parties, then CP staff members couldn’t reply to fans on Twitter, now the new tagline. It seems Disney is becoming much more strict with everyone’s favourite penguin world, and that certainly isn’t a good thing..

Random CP Fact #39: Despite always been a fan-made rumour, there are hints that Card Jitsu Shadow is genuine. A power card featuring a shadow Ninja exists, and even Spike Hike has hinted that it will become a reality in the future.

Until next time, Waddle on!

– Jimbobson


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